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Long Life Filters

LONGLIFE was founded in 1988 by the present chairman Mr. Mian Irfan Ahmad. The origin was very humble with only a handful of dedicated workmen manually producing around 100 filters per day and covering a range of just 5 applications. Today LONGLIFE has a production capacity of over 8 Lac per annum., covering the entire range of vehicles like cars, tractors, commercial vehicles, power generations sectors, industrial, Constructions in three state-of-the-art production units.

Today, LONGLIFE Filters Pakistan is one of the pioneering manufacturer, exporter and supplier of all kinds of Lube Oil, Fuel, Air and Hydraulic Filters (Elements and Spin-On) for automobiles, Tractors, Industries, Generators, Compressors and Heavy Earth Movers. Established in 1988, our company also manufactures Air Filters, Fuel Filters, Oil Filters, Diesel Filters, Industrial Filters, Filter Raw Materials, Filter Assemblies, Filter Plates, Filter Machines, Filter Papers, PU Foam Air Filters and Pleated Paper Filters.

Director Message

Mian Irfan Ahmad

Welcome to our website. I hope you find the information here relevant and useful to you. As a factory of public products we are committed to being open and accountable to you, and we actively pursue ways to keep you informed about our activities. Our website is one of the ways we do this. Our mission is production and distribution of high quality products with international standards that fit the customer demands in country and world. Our vision is, more than successful, more than committed to be the best in the industry in creating innovative products If you have any suggestions as to how we might further enhance our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

R & D

The R & D department at LONGLIFE has a perfect blend of latest in CAD technology and highly qualified design engineers to develop superlative new products and constantly improve the performance of the existing one. It is equipped with world class testing facilities to check all inputs and outputs of filters as per International Quality standards. The tests conducted are Filter Paper Micron Rating, Pressure Drop & Flow Rate, Filtration Efficiency & Life, Impulse & Vibration Fatigue, Burst Pressure, Corrosion, Rubber Hot Oil Tests etc.

LONGLIFE Filtration serves a broad, global customers base. Through our comprehensive product line, we cover the widest variety of applications on the market, including:

  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Small Engine
  • Industrial
  • Locomotive

The Future

Our “SHAHKAR” combo lube filters are designed to handle additional sludge and are available for all major OEMs, including Hino, Isuzu, Nissan, Caterpillar, Hitachi, John Deere, and Komatsu.

At LONGLIFE Filtration, we do our part to protect the environment. It is the most important contribution we can make for the future.

LONGLIFE Filtration today is a company with diverse channel distribution, including:

  • Over 700 types of filters, of original quality for almost all earth-moving machinery models.
  • Over 300 dealer/distributor outlets.
  • End users.
  • Global and Diverse

Our reach and scope are truly global. LONGLIFE Filtration provides a total “value package” of products and services to meet our customer’s requirement for reduced environmental impact.

Air Filter

Internal combustion engines needs large of air for combustion of fuel. We are known for delivering and manufacturing superior grade Air Filters, which have excellent working efficiencies and are durable. The raw materials in making their internal as well as external peripherals are of incomparable range to ensure their high resistance against corrosion, humidity and other wears and tears.

Muhammad Zahid Naveed
Phone: +92 (64) 24 64 866
WhatsApp: +92 (302) 851 00 40
Cell.  +92 (333) 678 65 48
Email: zahidmaken@hotmail.com
Skype: zahidmaken

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Oil & Strainer Filter

The function of oil filters is to prevent contaminants which may be contained in the lubricating oil from reaching sensitive engine parts without restricting normal oil flow. The internal source of contamination include wear products from the rubbing surfaces on engine, blow-by gases leaking from the rings of pistons and de-gradation of oil itself.
The presence of foreign matter in the piston ring areas can seriously decrease their efficiency resulting in loss of engine performance. The most important job of oil is to lubricate the engine’s moving parts. Dirty oil wears out these parts much faster.
Oil filters should be replaced along with the oil as the new oil can pick up the contaminants trapped in old oil filter and re-circulate them to engine’s moving parts. Frequent oil and filter changes are an effective and economic way to increase engine life.
LONGLIFE Oil Filters are available as:
• Spin-on
• Cartridge
• Strainer

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