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Customer needs are the beginning of our design process. In every phase of new product development. we first get out of the vacuum and hear what customers are concerned about in their daily business activity. We have invested broadly in research and development tools to meet the most pressing needs of our customers. We design innovations that make our customers’ business easier.


Expert filtration starts with expert media. The most advanced filtration media in the industry is created in our MediaCenter. Here, our highly trained media engineers provide the design, manufacture and testing of the most efficient filtration media, including pleated cellulose, depth media and high-perfor­mance multilayered media maintains high filtration efficiency while providing longer life.

Cutting-edge Tools and Testing

Cutting-edge technical capability tools, including nine engine test cells, vibration dynamics lab, SLA/engine wear testing, and a state-of-the-art scanning electron microscope, support product design capabilities. These tools take the product design beyond bench testing to real world environments where our customers’ equipment operates. Our world class testing capabilities have become the industry standard for reliability and dependability performance measures.

Teams Tackle Problems

Teams drive improvement using a variety of quality tools and measures to monitor performance and exceed customer requirements. Statistical process control, gauging, visual inspection, fail-sating, and 100% inspection are used in all our plants. Our Countrywide distribution system is ISO 9000 compliant. Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing processes guide our improvement initiatives.These measures are vital to ensure that our customers continue to receive the highest quality, lowest cost, and environmentally safest products on the market.